Sea Mount Trips!- The World's Greatest Marlin Fishing Experience

An Exclusive Bucket List Trip... Available Only from Hummingbird Vacations

How To Raise 84 Blue Marlin In Two Days Of Fishing…

Fish Costa Rica's Seamounts

Some 135 miles offshore Costa Rica, four giant undersea volcanoes tower over the surrounding sea plain.  They rise nearly two miles above the seabed… still resting 4,000 feet below the ocean's surface.

This spot blends the perfect union of current, structure, bait and deployed fish attracting devices (FADs).  Anchored by massive concrete blocks,  giant tarps twirl in the ocean currents, lashed to miles of heavy cable.  The FADS attract the tuna, the tuna attract the marlin...hundreds of ravinous blues, blacks and stripeys. Marlin Magazine described the fishing as “incredible”.  Two writers raised 84 marlin over two days... releasing 43 and two sailfish.

Now, you can experience the world's most abundant marlin fishery… in a package only available to Hummingbird Vacations guests.

We chose the world's best captain, Captain Robert Arrington and his world-class mates.  The Olivia Rose is an elegant 63-foot marlin-catching  machine.  This private boat is rigged like no other. It features a special icemaker, air-conditioning, refrigeration and freezers.  Plus, a giant water maker ensures refreshing hot showers whenever you want.

You'll be impressed with the fishing gear too... Shimano tackle, first-class terminal tackle, teaser chains, double dredges, and bait hand-rigged by veritable bait-rigging craftsmen.   Behold the romantic ballet of Olivia Rose's bait-and-switch and the crew's wizardy of multiple hookups.  These guys are world-class (American captain and English speaking mates).  

You and up to five other anglers will leave the marina at sunset while the chef will prepare a feast of lobster, steaks, fresh fish and side dishes.  (The produce in Costa Rica is breathtakingly delicious.)  It doesn't get any better than this.

Unlike some boats, each angler is assigned a seven-foot bunk and glorious mattress.  We'll cruise slowly until dawn, when the aroma of brewing coffee announces you've arrived … ready for your first epic day.  

You'll fish from sunrise to sunset… prowling these marlin-rich waters above the Sea Mounts.  We promise to wear you out … so you can ravish the chef's feast during night number two.

The boat remains on station until breakfast rallies you and your crew for your 2nd and 3rd fishing days.  On your last day, you'll fish from dawn until 1pm, then pull lines for a fast run back to port.   You'll return to port by 5pm.

This experience is unique to Hummingbird Vacations … you cannot find this offer anywhere else (at any price.)

Offer details:

Three days fishing: (12+12+8 hours):

$2,335 per angler (based on six anglers) $14,010

Rate includes fuel, bait, ice, gourmet meals, snacks and soft drinks for up to six anglers.  Not included: Crew tips (15-20%).  Fishing licenses: $15 USD per angler, air or ground transportation, shore lodging.  Guests should bring their own premium liquor/wine.  (The duty free shop on arrival in the San Jose airport is great for stocking up.)

Trips are limited to a select few groups each year.

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